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Whether you are facing criminal charges or have been accused of a crime, Peters and Longmuir can help. RJ Longmuir is experienced with all aspects of criminal law, such as OWI, assault, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, drug-related charges, or other criminal matters. We can provide the criminal defense you need in Northeast Iowa.

It is crucial that you invoke your right to an attorney when you encounter the police or are placed under arrest. We are here to provide the aggressive and tailored representation you need. From the very beginning, we work to investigate the incident properly, assess whether your rights were violated by law enforcement, and build a strong defense capable of withstanding the prosecution.

Our criminal defense attorneys will provide an honest and straightforward analysis of your situation. For situations that can be resolved without trial, we will let you know all options that are available. Otherwise, we will work with you to prepare a vigorous and effective defense if a trial is in your best interests. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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