Business Law and General Practice Attorneys in Northeast Iowa

Rely on Peters & Longmuir, PLC to provide you with the reliable legal services and assistance you need. Our general practice attorneys in Northeast Iowa have the knowledge and expertise to represent you in court and provide support concerning common legal cases, including:

Business Law

Business law encompasses a wide variety of areas of legal expertise, including tax, real estate, contracts, and compliance with city, state, and federal laws and regulations. In addition, businesses require special attention to choosing the correct entity for the operation of the business. At Peters & Longmuir, PLC, we can help you determine if a partnership, limited liability company, corporation, or another business classification is best suited for your situation and guide you throughout the process.

We encourage you to contact our office to schedule an in-person or telephone consultation to see how our business law attorneys may be able to assist you with your current plans.

Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability benefits are an important option if you can no longer work because of a disabling medical condition or a combination of conditions. Our attorneys will assist you with your application for benefits and make claims for potential back pay that you may be owed. If your benefits requests are denied, we will discuss your options and prepare you and your case for an appeal before the Social Security Administration.

If you are disabled, you have the right to receive benefits, and we are here to help you exercise them.